‘Hindu is the original soul of India’, CM Yogi said on Rahul’s statement, what will the prince of the group of accidental Hindus know?

Congress MP and Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi today delivered his first fiery speech in the Lok Sabha and attacked the BJP and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Attacking the BJP-led ruling National Democratic Alliance without any hold, Rahul Gandhi at one point said that ‘those who call themselves Hindus only talk about violence, hatred, untruth… you are not Hindus.’ The BJP immediately hit back at his statement and Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that ‘calling the entire Hindu community violent is a very serious matter.’ Now BJP leaders are continuously targeting Rahul.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Hindus is beyond the truth…he should apologize to the people of the country…I condemn this statement and also ask the Congress party to ask him to apologize. He further said that both the statements of Rahul Gandhi are proof of the fact that he has nothing to do with the truth. We have seen this during the Lok Sabha election campaign as well. The kind of misleading statements he made, the kind of false statements he made, the people who strangled the Constitution, he tried to influence the election by using foreign money by giving misleading statements about the Constitution, he tried to mislead the mothers and sisters of India by making them fill fake bonds of Rs 1 lakh and the statement that Rahul Gandhi has given today again is extremely condemnable and shameful. Who deprived Ayodhya of its identity?

Yogi further said that the people associated with the Strategic India Alliance are responsible for this. Rahul Gandhi and his companions are responsible for this, who not only exiled Ayodhya… who does not know that Congress has been continuously depriving Ayodhya of its identity since independence, Congress had locked Ram Lalla’s temple, the work of depriving Hindus of worship was done and today when the whole world is again looking at Ayodhya for the restoration of its glory, how can Congress consider it good? Rahul Gandhi’s statement is a bundle of lies.

In an X post, Yogi wrote that Hindu is the basic soul of India. Hindu is synonymous with tolerance, generosity and gratitude. We are proud that we are Hindus! How will the ‘prince’ of the group that calls itself ‘accidental Hindu’, immersed in the politics of Muslim appeasement, understand this? He said that you should apologize to crores of Hindus of the world Rahul ji! Today you have not bled a community, but the soul of Mother India.

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