History and rules of football game, know when it was included in Olympics?

Football is a famous game in which players from two teams try to move a ball the highest number of times to the left or right side of the opposing team’s goal. The game primarily uses the feet while hands may also be used by some players. The game can be played in various forms, such as at the club level, national level and international level. Football is loved by millions of people around the world and its excitement and competition attracts people at times.

history of football

The history of football is very old and it has developed in various forms. It is believed to have originated from popular traditional games, such as those played in Greece, Rome, China, and Japan.

In Medieval Europe, in the 12th and 13th centuries, a game called “mob football” or “soccer” was very popular. In this game two teams used to push a ball from one to the other.

Modern football originated in Britain, where the rules and regulations of football developed in universities and colleges in the 19th century. In 1863, the English Football Association (EFA) recognized the rules of the game, which played an important role in the formation of modern football.

Rules of football

goalkeeper: Every team has a goalkeeper who guards the goal.

Round: The players of each team have to try to put the ball in the goal near the goalkeeper.

game timeFootball matches usually have two halves, with each half usually followed by a 15-minute rest.

offside: This rule ensures that players do not move the ball to the highest number in a natural game.

Foul: If a player is found to have clearly tampered with, dropped, or committed illegal activities against the ball, he may be penalized for a foul.

cards: In reality, there are two types of cards – yellow card (warning) and red card (punishment of exclusion).

Football debut in Olympics

Football first appeared on the Olympic program at the Paris Olympic Games in 1900. It has become a regular part of the Olympics since that time and has been an integral part of the Olympic Games held every four years. Football for women was also included in the Olympics in 1996.

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