How did Kejriwal trap CBI in open court? The court again said something like this

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In the court, Kejriwal said that this is just headline management. It was reported in yesterday’s newspaper that Kejriwal put the entire blame on Sisodia. However, after this, the CBI came on the back foot.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been arrested by the CBI this morning. The court will give its decision on this in a short while. But along with this, many things are coming to light. Sanjay Singh’s statement, Sunita Kejriwal’s statement. It was said that Arvind Kejriwal has put the entire blame on Sisodia. After this, Arvind Kejriwal denied saying anything like this in the court. Kejriwal said in the court that this is just headline management. It came in yesterday’s newspaper that Kejriwal put the entire blame on Sisodia. However, after this, the CBI came on the back foot.

The CBI informed a Delhi court that during interrogation, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal blamed his former deputy Manish Sisodia for recommending privatization of liquor shops in the city under the now-expired excise policy. Kejriwal has categorically denied these claims. The central investigation agency made this claim before the Rouse Avenue Court after arresting Kejriwal in connection with the alleged liquor policy scam. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief was also questioned by the CBI on Tuesday. I have not made any statement that Manish Sisodia is guilty. Kejriwal said that Manish Sisodia is absolutely innocent. Their aim is to defame us. I told the CBI yesterday that these are absurd allegations.

Countering Kejriwal’s denial, the CBI told the court that we have spoken on facts. The court objected to the CBI’s claim that Kejriwal has put the “whole responsibility” of the alleged privatisation issue on Sisodia. The court said that we have read the statement given by him. Kejriwal has not made any such statement. The court clarified that Kejriwal only mentioned that privatisation was not his idea and the CBI’s claim was “misconstrued”. During the hearing, Kejriwal called Sisodia innocent and accused the CBI of distorting the facts.

They asked me about the objectives of the excise policy. I had said about raising revenue, and[there were]long lines outside liquor shops. I called Sisodia and gave him directions. The CBI then asked whose idea it was to privatise. Kejriwal clarified, “I said it was not my idea.” Sisodia was arrested by the CBI on February 26 last year for his alleged role in the scam. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) later arrested him on March 9, 2023, in a money laundering case arising out of the CBI probe. [शराबकीदुकानोंकेबाहरलंबीलाइनेंथीं।मैंनेसिसौदियाकोफोनकियाऔरउन्हेंदिशा-निर्देशदिए।तबसीबीआईनेपूछाकिनिजीकरणकाविचारकिसकाथा।केजरीवालनेस्पष्टकियामैंनेकहाकियहमेराविचारनहींथा।घोटालेमेंकथितभूमिकाकेलिएसिसौदियाकोपिछलेसाल26फरवरीकोसीबीआईनेगिरफ्तारकियाथा।प्रवर्तननिदेशालय(ईडी)नेबादमेंउन्हेंसीबीआईकीजांचसेउपजेमनीलॉन्ड्रिंगमामलेमें9मार्च2023कोगिरफ्तारकरलिया।

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