I was afraid of Rohit Sharma in IPL, Gautam Gambhir made a big revelation

Before the Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders match, Gautam Gambhir has made a shocking revelation about Rohit Sharma. According to Gautam, in his entire IPL career, Rohit Sharma was the only batsman who gave him sleepless nights. According to Gautam, whenever he had a match against Rohit’s team, he used to have sleepless nights. He is unable to sleep throughout the night.

Actually, Gautam Gambhir has revealed this while talking to Star Sports. During this, he said that he also told about how he used to make plans to stop Rohit as a batsman.

Gautam Gambhir further said that Surf is the only batsman whom I was afraid of as IPL captain. According to Gambhir, he was never afraid of Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers or any other batsman. He told that I used to make Plan A, B and sometimes even Plan C for Rohit. There was a reason behind this. I knew that once Rohit enters the field, no one can control him. The former KKR captain told that many times it happened that I saw the visuals and I felt that the plan was right. But when it came to Rohit Sharma, I used to think that if this plan does not work out then what will have to be done. If the second plan also doesn’t work, what other backup do I have?

Not only this, Gautam Gambhir used to do excellent planning about which bowlers would be in front of Rohit. Gautam told that he used to constantly think that if Sunil has bowled his four overs, then who will bowl the next 16 overs. If Sunil’s quota of overs is completed and Rohit is still on the field, then what should be the plan? The reason behind this was that if Rohit is there, he can easily score up to 30 runs in any over. Let us tell you that today the match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders is going to be held at Wankhede. This match is very important for KKR. If KKR loses here then the path to the playoffs will become a bit difficult for them.

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