If Congress government comes to power, will reservation be taken away from SC/ST and given on religious basis? Which dangerous trick of the prince did PM Modi mention?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in the frenzy of appeasement, the princes are making another dangerous move. Baba Saheb Ambedkar had given the right to reservation to Dalits, backward classes and tribals. The Congress party wants to snatch the reservation of Dalits, backward classes and tribals and give it in the name of religion. Narendra Modi said that Indi Aghadi is contesting elections with only one agenda and that is ‘Mission Cancel’… He said that when Indi people come to government, they will re-implement Article 370 and cancel CAA. Not only this, Congress and Indi Aghadi also want to cancel Ram Mandir. While addressing the public meeting in Beed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the third phase of voting is about to end today and the hopes of Indi Aghadi have also ended. In the first phase, Indi Aghadi was defeated, in the second it collapsed and today in the third phase, if any small lamp of Indi Aghadi was burning, it has also been extinguished.

Congress is now openly playing the game of appeasement and vote bank. Indie Alliance is appealing for vote jihad. Maharashtra Congress is giving clean chit to the terrorists of 26/11 attack. Obviously, Congress has deep connections with Kasab and other 10 terrorists of Pakistan. Indi-Aghadi has only one agenda – if they come to government, they will cancel the mission. He said that when Indian people come to government, they will bring back Article 370. If Modi has brought CAA, we will cancel it, we will cancel the triple talaq law. Modi will cancel the free ration he is giving to the poor. Not only this, Indi-Aghadi people will also cancel the Ram temple.

Modi is on the mission of a developed India. For this resolution, today I have come to ask something from you. I need your blessings. You are my inheritance. Your future generations are my legacy. I’m out to make your future better. You all are my family – my India, my family. Today the third phase of voting is about to end and along with it, the hopes of Indi-Aghadi are also over. Indi-Aghadi got defeated in the first phase, collapsed in the second phase and today in the third phase, if any small spark of Indi-Aghadi was burning, that too has been extinguished.

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