Immigrants are taking away the jobs of ‘blacks’ and ‘Latin Americans’: Donald Trump

Washington. Former US President Donald Trump claimed during a debate with current President Joe Biden and a rally on Friday that immigrants are taking away jobs of blacks and Latin Americans in America. Trump’s statement was strongly condemned by his critics and they said that this is his racist and insulting attempt to increase the scope of vote bank. As part of the process of election for the post of President in America, there was a heated debate between Trump and Biden for about 90 minutes on Thursday.

Without offering any evidence, Trump said that the leaders of the Democratic Party want immigrants to replace Americans as voters. He said in a debate broadcast on CNN, “The truth is that he (Biden) is doing the biggest attack on black people through the millions of people he has allowed to come across the border. They are now taking the jobs of blacks. They are taking the jobs of Latin Americans. You are not understanding it right now but you will see the worst thing in our history happening.”

Trump and his allies believe that such rhetoric will increase the former president’s reach to the black and Latin American community dissatisfied with Biden’s performance. Trump again made these comments during a rally in Virginia on Friday. The Democratic Party and black leaders condemned Trump’s statement. Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said, “There is no such thing as a job for blacks. This misinformation denies the ubiquity of black talent. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers and firefighters. The list is very long.” He said, “It is worrying that the presidential candidate is trying to create a distinction that does not exist, although it is not surprising for Trump to talk about such divisiveness.

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