In case of a two front war, Russia is ready to directly attack India again, what is the plan made

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have visited China. Russian President Putin may have sat with Xi Jinping and struck many deals. But they will not be as big as the one Putin has planned with India. A defence deal is about to be struck between Russia and India, which even China is afraid of. A defence deal that will strengthen India and also provide a foundation for Russia-India relations. News is coming that after many years of waiting, the India-Russia mutual logistics agreement is on the verge of being finalised. Russia has approved this deal only last week.

This agreement will facilitate military to military exchange for exercises, training, ports, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief efforts. That is, it will be army to army. The Indian Army and the Russian Army will participate together in large-scale operations that can help both countries. This is a whole series of such agreements that India signed with many countries, starting with the United States in 2016. Russia has also come forward with this and given its support to India. Russia has now approved the draft of the logistics agreement to be signed with India.

This agreement was stuck between India and Russia for many years. It includes military exchange for exercises, training, port disaster relief. That is, whenever both the countries need each other, then work will be done from army to army. This will include war exercises, training and along with this, providing military power for disaster relief to strengthen the ports. Many facilities will be given in this. Which will strengthen the armies of both the countries. Now before making it effective, it will be signed between the two countries.

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