In the presidential debate, Biden and Trump called each other ‘liar’, worst president

Atlanta. President Joe Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump debated on the economy, border, foreign policy, abortion and national security during the first debate of the presidential election process. During this, both called each other a liar and the worst president in American history. During the nearly 90-minute debate between Biden and Trump on Thursday night, both made personal attacks on each other. Biden called former President Trump a “stupid and a loser”.

Referring to Trump, the likely candidate of the Democratic Party, Biden said, “I was recently in France for ‘D-Day’ and I talked about all the heroes who sacrificed their lives. I went to the cemetery of the heroes killed in World War II and World War I, where he (Trump) refused to go. ” The then President Trump refused to visit this cemetery during his 2018 tour. In terms of age, 81-year-old Biden reminded that 78-year-old Trump is only three years younger than him. Referring to Trump being convicted in the case of giving secret money to a porn star in New York, Biden called him a “criminal”, to which Trump retorted by calling Biden a “criminal”.

“When he talks about a convicted felon, his son (Hunter Biden) is a very high-level felon,” Trump alleged, referring to Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s conviction in a gun purchase case. During the debate between the two leaders on various issues, Biden accused Trump of not knowing what he was talking about. Biden said, “He (Trump) has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. I have never heard such stupidity. This is the man who wants to get out of NATO.” Trump criticized President Biden’s immigration policies and alleged that this has made the country unsafe.

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