Indian Ambassador to Russia said – Prime Minister’s visit to Moscow is expected to yield “concrete results” in many areas

Moscow. Indian Ambassador to Russia Vinay Kumar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia and his talks with President Vladimir Putin will focus on bilateral trade and economic relations, some new areas of science and technology research. He expressed confidence that the talks will yield concrete results in many areas. Announcing the high-level visit, the Ministry of External Affairs said in India on Thursday that the two leaders will comprehensively review the multifaceted relations between the countries. They will exchange views on contemporary regional and global issues of mutual interest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday began his two-day visit and said he is looking forward to reviewing all aspects of bilateral cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and sharing views on various regional and global issues, as well as playing a supportive role for a peaceful and stable region. Indian Ambassador to Russia Kumar told PTI Video that wide-ranging talks on trade, economic and investment cooperation and connectivity will be the main focus of discussions during Modi’s visit.

Kumar said, “This is part of the annual summit meetings between the two countries and so its agenda will focus on all issues of our bilateral relations.” When asked about possible decisions in the areas of energy and defense, Kumar said, “We have many documents on which we are working. Some of these agreements are related to trade and economic sector and connectivity as well as some new areas like scientific and technological research. So I hope that we will get concrete results in many of these areas. ” This will be Modi’s first visit to Russia in about five years. He last visited Russia in 2019.

India and Russia have so far held 21 annual summits alternately. The last summit was held in New Delhi on 6 December 2021. President Vladimir Putin came to India to participate in this summit. India’s import of crude oil from Russia at cheap prices has also increased significantly despite the price ceiling set by the G-7 countries and growing uneasiness about purchases in many Western countries.

The Indian Embassy in Russia said that according to the data of the Department of Commerce, bilateral trade has reached an all-time high of US$ 65.70 billion in the financial year 2023-24. Major items exported from India include medicines, organic chemicals, electrical machinery and mechanical equipment, iron and steel. Major items imported from Russia include oil and petroleum products, fertilizers, mineral resources, precious stones and metals, vegetable oil, etc.

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