Indian origin Sunita Williams ready to travel to space for the third time on Tuesday

Washington. Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams is ready to fly into space for the third time as a pilot on Tuesday at the age of 58. She will fly aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, which will be launched from the International Space Station at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Starliner will carry Williams and Butch Wilmore to the International Space Station in what could be a significant and long-awaited breakthrough for the troubled Boeing program. The spacecraft will lift off at 10:34 pm local time on Monday (8:04 pm IST on Tuesday).

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted Williams as saying, “We are all here because we are all ready.” Our friends and allies have heard about it and we’ve talked about it and they’re happy and proud that we’re part of the process.” The mission was delayed for several years due to several setbacks in the development of the spacecraft. happened. If successful, it will become the second private company along with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to be able to launch crew to the International Space Station and back.

“History is going to be made,” Bill Nelson, administrator of the US space agency NASA, said about Starliner’s upcoming mission in a press conference on March 22. We are in the golden age of space exploration.” NASA selected Sunita Williams as an astronaut in 1988 and she has the experience of two space missions. He served as flight engineer of Expedition 32 and commander of Expedition 33. Williams flew with the STS-116 crew on December 9, 2006, during Expedition 14/15, and arrived at the International Space Station on December 11, 2006.

In her first space flight, she set a world record for women by walking four times in space for a total of 29 hours and 17 minutes. After this, astronaut Peggy Whitson broke this record in 2008 by walking in space a total of five times. In Expedition 32/33, Williams flew to space on July 14, 2012, from Baikonur Cosmodrone in Kazakhstan, along with Russian Soyuz commander Yuri Malenchenko and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency flight engineer Akihiko Hoshide. At that time, Williams spent four months doing research and exploration while orbiting the laboratory. She reached Kazakhstan on 18 November 2012 after spending 127 days in space.

During their mission, Williams and Hoshide conducted three spacewalks and repaired an ammonia leak from the station’s radiator. With a spacewalk of 50 hours and 40 minutes, Williams once again held the world record for the longest spacewalk by a female astronaut. Williams has spent a total of 322 days in space. Williams was born in Euclid, Ohio, to Indian-American neuroanatomist Deepak Pandya and Slovenian-American Ursuline Bonnie Pandya. He received a physics degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Master of Science degree in engineering management from the Florida Institute of Technology.

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