India’s share in global service exports doubled, the country emerged as the world’s service factory

The Indian service sector is moving rapidly towards development. Now an international report has also confirmed this. Recently a report has come which has proved that India’s service sector is making rapid achievements. India’s share in global service exports has doubled.

This report has been released by Goldman Sachs, according to which India’s share in global service exports has doubled in the last 18 years. This report was released on Monday, in which it was said that Global Capability Centers have played a very important role in this expansion. With its help, exports of real estate and services in the country have expanded. The revenue of many companies has increased and it has also brought many job opportunities for the youth. India’s economic condition has also improved.

Global Capability Centers have been established by companies. In this, the center takes the business forward. It includes IT, human resources, finance, analytics and other factors. According to the Goldman Sachs report, the growth of Global Capability Centers has increased at a CAGR of 11.4 percent in the last 13 years and its level has reached $ 46 billion. An increase of four times has also been seen in this.

During this period, the number of Global Capability Centers has also doubled. Their number, which used to be 700, has now reached 1580. A total of 13 lakh employees have also participated in this sector. The pace of its development can also be gauged from the increasing number of employees. Now the total number of employees has also increased to 17 lakhs.

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