IndiGo has given a special offer for women, now they can choose their preferred seat

Indigo Airlines is the country’s largest airline. This airline has now started a special offer for women in which women will be free to choose their seats. Women will now be able to travel in situations where women passengers are already seated. Through web checking, women will be able to see the seats where bookings have already been given to women. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the safety of women during travel. Under this, women will also be able to travel comfortably.

Women passengers will be able to choose the seat next to them

This service has been specially introduced for women. This service will be run with the help of male female passengers. This special service will be provided only to female passengers. In this, women travelling alone or with family will have the facility to choose seats.

Indigo has also issued a statement in this regard. Indigo said in the statement that they want to provide safe and comfortable service to women. Our service promotes the purpose of girl power. Initially, this service has been launched as a pilot project, if it is successful, it will be continued in the future as well.

Women traveling alone will get convenience

This service will benefit those women passengers who usually travel alone. Such women will be able to travel safely with other women by sitting together. Let us tell you that before starting this service, IndiGo had also done a market research in which an attempt was made to know how more comfortable travel can be provided to women passengers.

Indigo started special offer

Along with this, IndiGo has also started a special offer which is for domestic and international flights. Under this offer, flights can be booked for Rs 1199. This special offer will be valid from 29 to 31. During this period, passengers can book travel from 1 July to 30 September.

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