‘Integrated Industrial Township’ will create 25 thousand jobs in Greater Noida

Lucknow. The Yogi government, which is committed and working towards making Uttar Pradesh a ‘one trillion dollar’ economy, has prepared a big roadmap for the massive development of the Integrated Industrial Township being built in Greater Noida. According to the vision of CM Yogi, the Integrated Industrial Township will be developed as a means of targeting the proposed investment of Rs 6,807 crore, through which 25 thousand employment opportunities will be created in this area. It is noteworthy that this township is being developed near Ajaibpur railway station at a distance of 11 kilometers from Pari Chowk in Greater Noida. This area is also located at a distance of just 35 kilometers from the main city of Noida. Out of the total development of Integrated Industrial Township in 747.50 acres, industrial activities will be conducted in 332.52 acres, group housing and EWS residential in 72.86 acres and commercial land use activities in 38.15 acres. At the same time, 300.97 acre area is being developed as area development sector and site layout plan roads, cycle tracks, administration buildings and green areas.

Recognition being made as a hub for mobile components and electronic items

The Integrated Industrial Township being developed in Greater Noida is a major project in terms of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, which has been designed with world class standards. A balance has been made between functionality and beauty here according to the modern working style. By the way, many big plants are already operating in the industrial pocket region under the project. Through this, employment opportunities are being provided to thousands of people and this area is making its mark as a manufacturing area for mobile components and electronic items. This area also has connectivity with the Delhi-Howrah railway line and Ajaibpur and Dadri railway stations are located at close proximity, due to which this area is being developed with the vision of a big industrial hub of the future.

Products from many sectors can be produced

The work of manufacturing mobile components and electronic items has already started in the Integrated Industrial Township, apart from this, the process of setting up and operating manufacturing units of many other sectors is also being expedited. It is worth mentioning that manufacturing units of manufacturing sectors like mobile, PCB, AC, TV, washing machine and LED components are already doing large scale production here. At the same time, now the lease deed process for setting up and operating manufacturing units of industrial machinery, cosmetics, healthcare, Ayurvedic products, PVC pipes, fittings, powder and liquid paints, electric wire and copper tubes and pipes will be completed soon in this area.

The construction and development process is growing rapidly

As per the vision of CM Yogi, the process of speeding up industrial, commercial and residential projects has been started through the implementation of the detailed action plan prepared for the development of Integrated Industrial Township. At present, out of a total of 42 plots of industrial land use, 17 big plots have been allotted while the allotment process of 25 plots will also be expedited. Similarly, the allotment process of 6 residential and 7 commercial plots will also be started soon. The allotment process of 38 plots divided in 240.22 acres area under the project township will also be expedited. Out of this, the allotment process of 10 industrial plots will be completed this month.

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