Is India not able to win ICC trophy because of IPL? This rule made things worse – is India not able to win ICC trophy because of IPL this rule made things worse

New Delhi: Indian Premier League has currently become the biggest business idea in the world of cricket. This surpasses even Kerry Packer’s World Series in the late 1970s. Talking about the brand value of Apple, currently it is 10.7 billion dollars. Apart from this, this league has become a major source of entertainment on the cricket field. This is why it is reaching a different level every season.

Its 17th season is being played in the year 2024. This year, an average of 17 sixes are being hit in every match of the league. Whereas in 2009 it was only 8. In such a situation, this league has changed a lot in the last 16 seasons. Not only this, IPL team owners have also bought teams in traditional cricket leagues like South Africa, West Indies and new leagues like UAE, America.

Young players are getting plenty of opportunities

Young players are also getting a lot of opportunities in this league. Players like Mayank Yadav, Shashank Singh, Nitish Kumar Reddy, Ashutosh Sharma, who were sold for just Rs 20 lakh, are showing their talent. In every third match some new player shines. This is the reason why the number of viewers is continuously increasing even during the election season in the country.

However, the question also arises whether this league has helped in making India a T20 superpower? India won the T20 World Cup in 2007, but since then it has reached the final only once in 2014 and the semi-finals twice in 2016 and 2022.

How was India’s World Cup winning team?

India has won the ICC World Cup title a total of three times. 1983 ODI, 2007 T20 and 2011 ODI World Cup. These World Cup winning teams of India had one thing in common, there were many players in these teams who were good at both bowling and batting. But in recent years, India is missing such players in T20 cricket. Although Hardik Pandya is definitely an exception.

Will the impact player rule help?

Team India is not going to benefit from the rule of exchange of players i.e. impact player in between IPL matches. The reason for this is that it will not help the team in preparing all-rounders. Another weakness of Team India is the players getting nervous under pressure. The same happened against New Zealand and Pakistan in 2021. Even in the 2022 semi-finals against England, the top six batsmen, except Pandya, could not perform well. The bowlers also could not take even a single wicket.

On the contrary, Matthew Wade, playing for Australia, turned the match against Pakistan in the semi-finals of the 2021 World Cup. Strong teams bat and bowl well and field excellently. But most of the Indian bowlers bowl the same way and are not even able to bat. If we compare this with England, then Adil Rashid, who comes to bat at number 11, has 10 first-class centuries to his name.

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Selectors will have to take tough decisions

The World Cup team is going to be announced next month. Selectors need to show bravery in their decisions. We have to weed out those players who keep losing. Team India needs cricketers who put the team before themselves.

India also needs players who are in form and can perform well under pressure. Rishabh Pant has seen a good performance in this IPL. Mayank Yadav is also showing his talent. Although injury has been a problem for him, chances can still be taken.

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