Israel Hamas War Ceasefire Agreement; US Benjamin Netanyahu | Gaza Crisis Hamas is planning to leave Qatar and shift to Oman: Unable to bear the pressure of ceasefire; Qatar troubled by the role of middleman

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Hamas Chief Ismail Haniye meeting Qatar’s Emir Hamad al-Thani.

Hamas leaders may soon remove their base from Qatar. According to the report of Wall Street Journal, America is continuously pressurizing Qatar to conclude a ceasefire treaty between Israel and Hamas, which has not been possible till now.

Quoting Arab officials, the report said that Hamas is currently in contact with two Gulf countries including Oman. In fact, Hamas believes that it may take months to reach a deal with Israel on the release of hostages. In such a situation, he does not want to spoil his relations with Qatar.

In March, Qatar's Prime Minister Jassim Al-Thani met US Secretary of State Blinken.

In March, Qatar’s Prime Minister Jassim Al-Thani met US Secretary of State Blinken.

Hamas leader living in Qatar for 12 years
Hamas leaders have been living in Qatar since 2012. According to the report, due to American pressure, Qatar and Egypt have recently put pressure on Hamas to ease its conditions regarding the ceasefire deal. If this is not done, it has also threatened to expel Hamas from the country. Earlier on April 17, Qatar had said that it was reconsidering the role of middleman between Israel and Hamas.

Qatar’s Prime Minister Jassim al-Thani said during a press conference in Doha, “Qatar’s role in mediating is being misused. Many countries are making statements against Qatar for their election campaigns. We both The parties can contribute to an agreement to some extent, after which the decision will have to be taken by them.”

Netanyahu had said – put pressure on Qatar for ceasefire deal
Many US lawmakers have asked the White House to put pressure on Qatar. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had also talked about putting pressure on Qatar to make a deal with Hamas. Meanwhile, US officials have defended Qatar. He has said that Qatar has continuously tried to reach an agreement between Israel and Hamas through meetings.

In fact, America fears that if Hamas leaders leave Doha, they may go to a country like Iran or Syria. America’s hold here is weak and in such a situation it will be very difficult to contact Hamas leaders.

Israel-Hamas agreement was reached last year only with the mediation of Qatar.
Hamas first released two American hostages in its captivity on October 21. This mediation was also done by Qatar. After this, Qatar and Egypt also played an important role in making the ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel in November.

In fact, Qatar, besides being an ally of America, also has relations with Hamas. Hamas Chief Ismail Haniye also works from the capital Doha. Qatar has already done mediation between America and organizations like Hamas.

Qatar has done mediation in many countries
Apart from Israel-Hamas, Qatar has also played the role of middleman in countries like Ukraine, Lebanon, Sudan and Afghanistan. According to Foreign Policy report, Qatar has the third largest gas reserve in the world. It is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of per capita income.

According to the British media Guardian, by playing the role of mediator, Qatar wants to show itself as a very important country in front of the international community. Apart from this, it also wants to be safe from interference from neighbors like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

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