Israel-Iran Conflict: ‘The drones that came to attack are like toys…’, Iran made fun of Israel! Investigating this matter

Reuters, Tehran. There was peace in Iran on the second day of Israeli attack. Iran’s Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahiyan has said that Friday’s attack is being investigated whether it was an Israeli attack or someone else’s. He said that the drones that came to attack Iran were like toys with which our children play. This also suggests that it was not sent by Israel.

Foreign Minister Hussain reached New York

Even on Friday, Iran had not described the drone that reached the sky of Isfahan city as an Israeli drone. Meanwhile, Abdullahiyan has reached New York to participate in the United Nations program. Israel’s Netavim Air Force Base was damaged in the Iranian missile attack on April 14.

Satellite images obtained by news agency AP show that the taxiway of the Air Force base has been affected. This is the path through which pilots, soldiers and heavy weapons are transported to the aircraft.

One fighter killed in explosion at Kalsu military base

According to AP, Iraqi authorities have started investigating the explosion at the base of the Popular Mobilization Forces, an Iran-backed armed organization. A fighter has lost his life in the explosion at Kalsu military base on Saturday. The US Army was blamed for this blast, but the Central Command of the US Army has denied any involvement in the attack on the Iraqi militia.

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