Israel orders ‘Al Jazeera’ to close its operations in the country

Tel Aviv. Israel ordered the closure of Qatar-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera’s offices in the country on Sunday. The government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given this order at a time when Qatar is helping in the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas regarding the war in Gaza. Under this order from Israel, broadcasting equipment will be confiscated, the broadcast of the channel’s reports will be stopped and its website will be blocked. It is believed that this is the first time that Israel has stopped the functioning of a foreign news organization.

‘Al Jazeera’ has been continuously broadcasting war news since Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7. Al Jazeera’s Arabic branch frequently releases video statements from Hamas and other terrorist groups in the region, including on-the-ground reporting on casualties in the war, which has drawn widespread criticism from the Netanyahu government. “Al Jazeera journalists harmed Israel’s security and incited against its soldiers,” Netanyahu said in a statement. Now the time has come to oust the mouthpiece of Hamas from our country.

Al Jazeera said in a statement that it would “take all available legal remedies through international legal institutions to protect our rights and those of our journalists, as well as the public’s right to information.” Said, “Israel’s continued repression of the free press is a violation of international and humanitarian law. This effort by Israel is seen as an attempt to hide its actions in the Gaza Strip.

Noting that more than 140 Palestinian journalists have lost their lives in Gaza since the beginning of the war, the statement said the order will not deter Al Jazeera from its commitment to covering the war. Israeli media said that according to the government’s decision, the channel will be stopped from operating in the country for 45 days. The Israeli government has been taking action against journalists but does not particularly interfere in the functioning of foreign media organizations. However, this was changed in a law made last month.

Netanyahu’s office said the new law would allow the government to take action against foreign channels that “harm the country.” Hours after the order, Israel’s main cable provider stopped broadcasting Al Jazeera. However, streaming links are operating on its website and several online platforms. The headquarters of ‘Al Jazeera’ is in Doha, the capital of Qatar. This decision threatens to increase Israel’s tension with Qatar. This decision comes at a time when the Qatari government is playing an important role in mediation efforts with Egypt and the US to stop the war in Gaza.

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