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Once again, a war has broken out between Hamas and Israel. Both are attacking each other. The recent developments in the Middle East are a major reason for Hamas’ latest attack. Israel reached an agreement with the UAE. Which was named the Abraham Accord. It was signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates on 13 August 2020. The same night on September 11, both these countries signed the agreement. The specialty of the name Abraham is that it is taken with sanctity in all three religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It means the spirit of cooperation. The main purpose of the Abraham Accord was to normalize relations between Arab and Israel at the economic, diplomatic and cultural level. The historic Abraham Accord signed in September 2020 established diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, breaking a 41-year deadlock and causing a geopolitical earthquake. Sudan and Morocco also followed suit.

The Palestinian issue led to Arab-Israeli wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973, until a peace treaty was reached between Israel and two Arab states, Egypt and Jordan, which had previously broken ties with other Arab states over dealing with Israel. Although Saudi Arabia was a supporter of the Abraham Accords, it did not abide by them. It is no secret that the US has been pressuring Saudi Arabia to normalise ties with Israel.

Under the Abraham Accords, Israel agreed to stop any annexation plans. However, Israel’s stop and go policy on the construction of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories was not stopped. PM Netanyahu’s current government has far-right ministers who want to occupy the entire West Bank and send all the remaining Palestinians to other Arab countries for settlement. Clashes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank have increased manifold and the maximum casualties have been reported in 2023. That is, now Turkey and Iran are left to take Palestine’s side. Iran is already isolated in the world and Islamic countries do not support Turkey becoming a Muslim leader under the leadership of Erdogan. So today we told you the story of Hamas. Now in the last episode of the Israel Palestine dispute, we will tell you the story of India’s relations with Israel, which has always been a supporter of Palestine. How did a small-looking country suddenly become a friend whose heart beats for India.

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