Italy: Farm owner arrested in case of death of Indian worker

Italian police on Tuesday arrested the owner of a farm over the death of an Indian worker who suffered a hand cut off by agricultural equipment, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said the farm owner left the worker bleeding profusely and did not even call an ambulance, leading to his death from excessive bleeding.

The worker has been identified as Satnam Singh, who was an illegal migrant. Singh’s death has shocked Italians and has triggered protests by farm unions and workers demanding better working conditions.

The protest saw workers calling for an end to the system of exploiting low-paid migrant workers in Italy’s agricultural industry. The country’s President Sergio Mattarella also responded to the incident, saying workers like Singh are “cruelted” and that agricultural workers in Italy often have to work in “inhuman” conditions.

Carabinieri police have arrested the farm’s owner, Antonello Lovato, Latina prosecutors said in a statement. Forensic examinations showed the lion had died of “excessive bleeding.”

Prosecutors said forensic reports found Singh “likely” could have survived if he had received timely medical attention. They said Singh’s hand was cut after it got caught in a “nylon-wrapping” machine but Lovato did not immediately call an ambulance.

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