Jharkhand | Jharkhand minister missing from Rahul Gandhi’s rallies after cash recovered from an aide

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi kept his distance from Jharkhand Rural Development Minister Alamgir Alam during his election rallies on Tuesday after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) recovered “unaccounted cash” worth Rs 34 crore from the premises of Alam’s private secretary’s house. . Rahul Gandhi held rallies in Chaibasa and Basia on Tuesday, but Alam was notably absent. There was speculation whether this was a strategic move to avoid controversy.

Alamgir Alam’s secretary Sanjeev Kumar Lal and his domestic help Jahangir Alam were arrested by the Central Investigation Agency on Tuesday. Sources said that Congress does not want to give any opportunity to BJP to taunt and make it an issue just before the elections.

Leader of opposition in Jharkhand Assembly Amar Kumar Bauri asked Rahul Gandhi the reason for not meeting his Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Alamgir Alam. “Will Rahul Gandhi and his party explain why the party’s CLP, who is a prominent leader, was not present anywhere near him? We want to know where he is hiding,” Bauri told the media.

Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP over atrocities on tribals

Amid the controversy, Rahul Gandhi campaigned for JMM candidate Joba Majhi while targeting the BJP and the Narendra Modi government on various issues.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren, former CM Hemant Soren’s wife Kalpana Soren, Singhbhum candidate Joba Majhi and others were present with him at the Tata College grounds in Chaibasa.

In the election rally in Singhbhum parliamentary constituency, Rahul Gandhi targeted the BJP government on many issues like reservation, amendment in the constitution, atrocities on tribals. He reiterated the Congress’ promise of giving Rs 1 lakh per year to women members of poor families. Saying that Congress will end the practice of contract jobs, Gandhi said one member of every unemployed family will get a permanent job.

The Congress leader said. “The tribals have the first right on the water, forest and land of Jharkhand. No one can take it away. But if Modi comes to power, he will give the water, forest and land to Adani and send the tribals to beg. But, our It’s the government.” Will uplift everyone.

In his address, Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren said voters were being misled by making false promises, while unemployment and inflation were affecting the people. He said, “BJP has always betrayed the tribal people. The Prime Minister came to Chaibasa but did not say anything in the interest of the tribal people.”

Kalpana Soren said that the BJP government came to power by lying and it has to be “uprooted”. “The dictatorial government at the Center has to be taught a lesson by the power of voting. On May 13, everyone should vote in the name of bow and arrow and send Indian alliance candidate Joba Manjhi to Delhi. Only then will the central government be formed.

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