Jinping’s hammer fell on the last mosque of China, Muslims were beaten with sticks

A big news has come from China for Muslims all over the world. After getting orders from Jinping, even the last mosque has been demolished. Saadian Grand Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in China. But three domes of this mosque were hammered. China bulldozed more than 16 thousand mosques in just one province, Xinjiang. But some Muslim countries who are spreading propaganda in the name of Indian Muslims could not condemn it and make a statement on China. China’s evergreen friend Pakistan also became dumb even after seeing everything. In Assam, the Jinping government is getting the religious places of Muslims built in Chinese style. That is why mosques are being demolished. Domes and minarets have been demolished. Even the green color seen in mosques has been banned. The old mosque was built in Arabic style, whereas the Arabic style architecture has been abolished in the new mosque.

Actually, China has changed Islam in its country and every single thing related to it. China’s attack on Muslims has made 57 Muslim countries sweat. China has Sinicized the Quran, mosque, Islamic name, beard, burqa through its continuous decisions. That is, it has changed all these in its own style. In this sequence, the country’s mosque built in Islamic style has also been removed. It is called the Grand Mosque of Sedion. It is surprising that after this step of China, not even a leaf moved in any Muslim country. It was as if crores of Muslims were sitting with their eyes closed.

If the same thing had happened in India, there would have been a huge uproar. Muslim organizations like OIC, NGOs, human rights people and social media influencers would have pounced upon it and started spreading their agenda. But as soon as China’s name comes up, it seems as if all of them have gone on leave. Let us tell you that China has even banned 29 Muslim names in its country. In China, no one can use words like Imam, Saddam, Haj, Medina in their name.

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