Jyothika, who dreams of becoming a doctor, will run in the Olympics to fulfill her father’s dream

Jyotika Dandi, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, has qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024 by performing brilliantly in the World Athletics Relays held in Bahamas. Jyotika Sri Dandi, a runner who has qualified for the Olympics, wanted to become a doctor, but she did not realize that her father would be happy to see her doing well in sports. Her father Srinivas Rao, who was a body-builder in his childhood, inspired her to take interest in sports as he wanted to see her in the Olympics one day. This dream is going to come true in less than three months.

Jyotika Sri Dandi was born in July 2000. She started running at the age of 13. Her father Srinivas Rao is a bodybuilder himself and took care of Dandi’s diet and training. Speaking to the Indian Express, her father said, “Jyotika used to participate in local Rotary Club competitions and won all the races. I recognised her talent and realised she had a future in athletics.” Jyotika’s coach praises her stamina, but she had to work on her speed and strength.

To fulfill her father’s dreams, she started training to strengthen her muscles, core, etc. She achieved a major sports milestone in the 2023 400m national event when she won the gold medal with 53.05 seconds. Jyotika’s coach told in the interview, “I have never seen any parents so passionate about their children’s sports. I remember when Jyotika was offered a job in the railways, he did not want her to accept the job as he felt it might affect her game.

Usually parents only think about the job. But this was a refreshing change. I had to convince them.” But the journey has never been without obstacles for the 23-year-old relay runner. Last year, she suffered a serious knee injury and couldn’t participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games. But giving up was not a word in her dictionary. Her stamina, dedication and desire to succeed got her back on track and she is now preparing for the Olympics, a dream the father-daughter duo dreamt of together.

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