KL Rahul Sanjiv Goenka Controversy: Not only Sanjiv Goenka is wrong, KL Rahul has also been at fault, know the whole matter

Every person should express his views, but with a politeness. There is a special way of working in any company, organization or team. This matter is being raised because the team owner Sanjeev Goenka has misbehaved with KL Rahul, a veteran player of the Indian cricket team and captain of the IPL franchise Lucknow Super Giants, in a crowded gathering. This behavior of Sanjeev Goenka is making people unhappy.

Showing off money in front of hundreds of cameras in a packed stadium cannot be considered decent behavior under any circumstances. After losing in the IPL match, irritation was clearly visible on the face and behavior of Sanjiv Goenka. However, many questions are also being raised regarding his behaviour. Instead of shouting like this in a packed stadium, being the owner, he could have called a team meeting and expressed his anger in a closed room. If he had to raise questions on the captaincy of KL Rahul, then a method could have been adopted for this, but shouting at the player in front of many cameras and lakhs of fans in a packed stadium is inhuman. In such a situation, Sanjeev Goenka needed to bring decency in his behaviour.

Know where is KL Rahul’s mistake

Cricket, which was once a gentleman’s game, has now become a business, in which IPL is especially included. IPL has now become a mixed confluence of entertainment, glamor and money. This is just a den of earning money in every way, through which every person associated with the team wants to earn. Perhaps with the desire to earn money, Kolkata business tycoon Sanjiv Goenka’s RP-SG Group had purchased the Lucknow franchise by paying a huge sum of Rs 7090 crore. KL Rahul has been made the captain of this franchise, who is being paid a huge amount of Rs 17 crore for just two months. In such a situation, the owner of the company will definitely expect great returns from the player who takes such a huge amount. They will also expect from the players that they should show such a game in the stadium that there will be a shower of fours and sixes. If this does not happen then the company owner will definitely get angry.

If we talk about KL Rahul, then Lucknow released him from Punjab Kings and included him in the team in 2022. Expressing confidence in KL Rahul’s seniority, Sanjeev Goenka handed over the command of the team to him. At one time, KL Rahul was in the race for captaincy in Team India, hence it was expected from him that he would take the Lucknow team to great heights. But KL Rahul could not live up to the expectations of the owner.

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