‘Less reality and more rumours…’, Mayawati’s reaction to President Draupadi Murmu’s speech in Parliament

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Thursday criticized President Draupadi Murmu’s address to the joint session of Parliament. In a post on X, the BSP chief said that the achievements of the Central Government in the last 10 years, which the President has listed in his speech to the joint session of Parliament today, are very less in ground reality and more imaginary. She further wrote that the Central Government is also not serious at all about the increasing poverty, unemployment and inflation in the country and the problems of the weaker sections. There is no special strength in their roadmap for the next 5 years.

The BSP Chief said that it would be better if instead of only making allegations and counter-allegations on the motion of thanks to the President’s address, the MPs should definitely draw the attention of the government to important matters of public interest. President Draupadi Murmu said on Thursday that during the last 10 years the basis of the country’s achievements and development has been the empowerment of the poor and for the first time her government has made the poor feel that it is in their service. Addressing the joint sitting of both the houses of the Parliament for the first time in the 18th Lok Sabha, Murmu said that the government has made everything from the dignity of the life of the poor to their health a matter of national importance.

Murmu said that the government is fully committed to conduct a fair inquiry into the recent incidents of paper leak and punish the culprits. Referring to several records of voting being broken in Jammu and Kashmir during the recent parliamentary elections, President Draupadi Murmu said that through these elections, the valley has given a befitting reply to the enemies of the country. Describing the Emergency imposed in 1975 in the country as the ‘biggest and darkest chapter of direct attack on the Constitution’, President Draupadi Murmu said on Thursday that despite many such attacks, the country has shown victory over unconstitutional forces.

She said that the Indian Constitution has withstood every challenge and test in the past decades and even when the Constitution was being made, there were forces in the world that wished for India’s failure. Warning against disruptive forces conspiring to weaken democracy and create rifts in society, President Draupadi Murmu said on Thursday that new ways need to be found to deal with this challenge.

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