Lok Sabha Elections 2024. My India, my family… PM Modi told the public in Dhaurahara – I want to develop your area.

PM Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Dhaurahara, Uttar Pradesh. During this he said, ‘I don’t have any family of my own, you are my family, you are also my heir. My India, my family! Just as the head of a family works day and night for his heir, similarly as a servant of your family, I also want to give you something. I want to develop your area, develop you, develop the country, make the country developed.

PM Modi further said, ‘Ethanol is an example of how Modi is working for all you farmers. These days you must be hearing that Modi is busy increasing the production of ethanol. Modi is not only increasing the production of ethanol but also increasing your income. Farmers have received about Rs 80 thousand crore in ethanol purchase in 10 years. Along with the development of the country, Modi also gives equal priority to the development work done at the local level.

PM Modi said on India alliance, ‘Before 2014, you have seen the work of Congress and India alliance for 10 years. Remember, what condition he had left for the country and the state. These Indi alliance members used to tie the hands and feet of the security agencies. The country’s police and agencies were not allowed to take action against terrorism. The situation was the same here in UP.

Targeting the Samajwadi Party, the PM said, ‘During the SP government, there were sleeper cells of terrorists in many cities, terrorist organizations used to openly threaten. The security agencies worked very hard to catch the terrorists, but the SP government used to withdraw the cases from the terrorists. He further said, ‘Officers were told not to file charge sheets against the terrorists, pressure was put on them to grant bail to the terrorists. The officers who did not do so were transferred. All this was done for appeasement, for vote bank. The politics of appeasement has become a compulsion of existence for the princes of SP-Congress. Now the Muslim community is also getting rid of these vote bank contractors. Therefore, to save the Muslim vote bank, these people are openly doing appeasement. They have made their manifesto bearing the imprint of Muslim League.

PM Modi further said that Congress and Indi alliance members now have their eyes on your property. They openly say that they will X-ray what you have and will loot whatever extra wealth you have. When Manmohan Singh ji was the Prime Minister, he had said that Muslims have the first right on the property of our country. That means, those who have the first right on your property will give their votes to the bank.

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