London Mayor: Who is Sadiq Khan of Pakistani origin, who scored a hat-trick of victory in the London Mayor elections?

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was re-elected to the post on 4 May. This is the Labor Party leader’s third consecutive victory in the mayoral election. In 2016, the Pakistani-origin leader made history by becoming the first Muslim mayor elected in any major Western capital. He received 57% of the total votes. With his recent victory, 53-year-old Sadiq Khan has become the longest serving mayor of London. Although his re-election this time did not surprise observers, it still marked a significant victory for the Labor Party. General elections are due to be held in the United Kingdom before January 2025 and Labor is seeking to regain power at the national level for the first time since 2010.

Pakistani parents, early worked as human rights lawyers

Khan has often referred to his past life in his election campaigns and his story is believed to have resonated with voters. He was born in London to Pakistani immigrant parents. According to an Associated Press profile, his father worked as a bus driver and his mother was a seamstress. In an interview with the New Statesman in 2016, he told that my mother and father used to send money to their relatives in Pakistan. My mother still does it, because we are blessed to live in this country. He spent his childhood in a three-bedroom public housing apartment with seven siblings. Khan has also described how he and his family were often the targets of racial abuse during his childhood. He completed his schooling in state schools and then studied law at the University of North London. In 1994, he began practicing as a human rights lawyer and later married Saadia Ahmed, also a lawyer.

political career

By 2005, Khan had won his first election as a Member of Parliament. His website states that he abandoned his legal career. He felt that by working in politics he could bring a big change in the lives of people. However, a BBC profile states that his interest in politics began much earlier and that he joined the Labor Party at the age of 15. Khan served as MP for the Tooting constituency of South London for 11 years. He also became the first Muslim to join the cabinet as Transport Minister. Initially, it was believed within the party that a more senior leader should be selected for the post of mayor. Khan was seen as a surprise pick. His major policies during the election campaign included reducing fares for bus and metro travel and reducing fare prices for working-class people. His Conservative Party opponent criticized the cost of such measures.

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