Manish Sisodia and Atishi have badly damaged Delhi’s school education system – Virendra Sachdeva

New Delhi. Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva said that the duo of Manish Sisodia and Atishi has badly damaged the school education system of Delhi. They have neither recruited regular teachers nor guest teachers. Instead, they have deployed teachers in non-teaching work, making the teacher-student ratio in Delhi government schools the worst.

Sachdeva said that BJP never wanted politics to be played on the functioning of the education department, but minister Atishi today forced us to tell publicly how the Kejriwal government has damaged the education system of Delhi.

Today in 2024 there are 995 general schools in Delhi whereas in 2015 when Arvind Kejriwal government first came to power there were 1015 schools and in these 10 years they have not appointed any new regular or guest teacher.

The other 32 special education schools are completely under-equipped, with some of the worst schools in the district.

As per Right to Education data, there is a need of about 62000 teachers in Delhi government schools, while there are only about 43000 regular teachers and also about 13000 guest teachers. There is a shortage of about 6000 teachers in Delhi government schools.

There is a shortage of teachers in Delhi government schools, yet the Kejriwal government has deployed more than 5000 teachers in non-teaching work, due to which studies in schools are getting badly affected.

Shockingly, school teachers are forced to do clerical work, work as legal assistants and as OSDs to senior officials.

Despite a shortage of 6000 teachers, the Sisodia-Atishi duo has removed nearly 5000 teachers from teaching duties.

205 teachers have been made school mentors, while 1027 have been made school coordinators and 1027 have been made teacher development coordinators and they no longer perform any teaching work.

70 teachers who have law qualifications have been posted to work as legal assistants of the education department, while 102 other teachers have been made to work as OSDs to deputy and assistant directors in the education department.

There are around 5200 clerk and accounting staff posts vacant in Delhi government schools. While half of them have been filled by contract employees on a salary of Rs 25000 per month, against the other half around 1500 teachers in the salary bracket of Rs 70000 per month have been forced to work as clerks and accounting officers.

The teachers teaching in class 9 and 11 are working in the most frustrating environment as for the last 8 years they have been forced to fail almost half of the students because the Sisodia – Suatishi duo wants only the extremely bright students to go up to class 10 and 12 so that they can give the best results.

Similarly, by using the 1st and 8th periods in the daily timetable for Happiness Classes and co-curricular activities, students lose about 25% of the instructional time every day.

Apart from this, the Kejriwal government is misusing the education fund to employ its party cadres. Without following proper rules and regulations, 1027 estate managers and around 1000 contract clerks have been hired from the AAP cadre at a monthly salary of Rs 25000.

The wasteful spending of public money to garner support for AAP does not stop here, the Delhi government is running a Business Blaster scheme under which all class 11 and 12 students are given Rs 2000 per year to develop business ideas. One can imagine that no business idea can be developed in Rs 4000.

The real purpose of the Business Blaster scheme is to distribute cash to school students, most of whom turn 18 by the time they complete Class 12 and become first-time voters. Their young minds are likely to be influenced by Rs 4,000.

Sachdeva said it was unfortunate that those who claimed to develop a world-class education model had actually lowered the standard of education in government schools.

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