Many Vice Chancellors of the country united demanding action against Rahul Gandhi, angry over this they wrote an open letter

The troubles of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi are not decreasing. Now the Vice Chancellors of various universities of the country have united against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Recently, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had commented on the selection process of Vice Chancellors.

After this, Vice Chancellors and Professors of various universities have written an open letter in which Rahul Gandhi has been attacked. It has been said in this letter that the process by which Vice-Chancellors are selected is based on the merit, electrical, thermal and value of characteristics. The entire process of selection of Vice Chancellors is based on academic and administrative skills.

Vice-Chancellors are selected in such a way that they can work for the development of the university. Vice Chancellors said that Rahul Gandhi is spreading rumours. In universities across the country, appointments are being made not on the basis of merit but on the basis of association and relations with the RSS.

In this letter it was said that Rahul Gandhi has resorted to lies with the intention of taking political advantage. He has defamed the Vice Chancellors for political gains. In such a situation, various Vice Chancellors across the country have demanded that strict action should be taken against Rahul Gandhi which should be as per the rules.

Let us tell you that 181 academicians and Vice Chancellors from across the country have jointly written this letter. It is noteworthy that recently Rahul Gandhi had commented about the Vice Chancellors that they are selected because of their association with RSS and not on the basis of merit. After this statement of Rahul Gandhi, there is a lot of resentment against him among the Vice Chancellors. Rahul Gandhi had alleged that only RSS people are being filled in the universities of the country. He had said that appointments are being made not on the basis of merit but on the basis of interest.

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