Massive voting in France, power may go into the hands of far-right

Massive voting took place on Sunday for the first round of parliamentary elections in France and it is being speculated that for the first time since the Nazi era, the reins of power may go into the hands of nationalist and far-right forces.

The two-phase parliamentary election will be held on July 7. The election result is likely to have a major impact on European financial markets, Western support for Ukraine and France’s way of managing its global military force and nuclear arsenal.

Many French voters are troubled by inflation and economic concerns. They are also disappointed with the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron. Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration ‘National Rally’ party has capitalized on this discontent in the elections and has fueled it especially through online platforms like ‘TikTok’. All pre-election opinion polls have predicted a victory for the ‘National Rally’.

The new leftist coalition ‘New Popular Front’ is also posing a challenge to the pro-business Macron and his centrist coalition ‘Together for the Republic’. Voting for the parliamentary elections in France began at 8 am on Sunday and the initial trends of the election results are expected at 8 pm.

Macron had announced mid-term elections in France after the ‘National Rally’ suffered a crushing defeat in the European Parliament elections in early June this year. The ‘National Rally’ has long been linked to racism and anti-Semitism and is considered to be opposed to France’s Muslim community.

According to the election result forecast, the ‘National Rally’ is likely to win the parliamentary elections. There are 4.95 crore registered voters in the country who will elect 577 members of the National Assembly, the influential lower house of the French Parliament. More than 59 percent of the voters exercised their franchise three hours before the voting closed. This is 20 percent more than the first round of voting in 2022.

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