Meta AI- Whatsapp gets a one-stop assistant, many tasks can be done easily in just a few clicks

Meta launched its AI assistant i.e. Meta-AI last month. Since its launch, it has created a stir in India. Now it has been integrated on all Meta platforms, including WhatsApp. With its help, you can do many tasks from making recipes to creating AI-generated images in just a few minutes.

Let us tell you how you can easily generate images through Meta AI. But before this you need to know what Meta-AI is.

What can Meta-AI do

  • You can ask any question from Meta AI. Apart from this, it is used for text generation, translating any text, summarizing content, giving custom answers and giving suggestions for anything.
  • Apart from this, with the help of AI, you can chat or converse. You can create images, write definitions and even play games.

Users will get a special experience

  • Users are getting a better experience with WhatsApp. The platform is working on several new features to enhance the Meta AI experience and make it more personal. Two special changes will be made in this.
  • The first is to customize AI interactions and the second is to generate avatars through AI. Previous reports from the company had indicated a feature that allows users to choose between different Meta AI Llama models.
  • This will enable users to customize their conversations based on the level. It gives users the option to opt for the fast LIAMA 3-70B model. Whereas for advanced level problems, the advanced LIAMA 3-405B model will be available.
  • AI-generated avatars WhatsApp is exploring a groundbreaking feature that allows users to create personalized avatars using Meta-AI. The feature is currently under development and is not yet available for beta testing.

How will the avatar feature work

  • For this, users can start the avatar creation process by typing Imagine Me in the Meta-AI chat. Apart from this, you can use @Meta AI Imagine Me in other chats.
  • The good thing is that Meta AI cannot access other messages, this ensures your privacy.
  • The user will have to capture a set of setup photos, which will be analyzed by Meta-AI.
  • Users have full control over this feature. The setup photo can be removed at any time through the Meta-AI settings.
  • The generated avatar image will be automatically shared in your chats, adding a fun and personalized touch.

What is Meta Eye?

Meta AI works as your virtual assistant in Meta’s apps. It helps you in doing many of your tasks. With the help of which you can do many creative works easily. Apart from this, it can also help you in generating any image and preparing recipes for you.

It acts as a unique toolkit for everything from suggesting restaurants in WhatsApp group chats to planning a road trip on Facebook or editing photos on Instagram.

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