Modi’s direct warning to the world’s most dangerous man, Israel will also be very happy today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an announcement standing in the Parliament which has created a stir in the world. Now the time has come to nab the person who has caused the most harm to PM Modi in this election. PM Modi has caught hold of the world’s most dangerous man. This man is George Soros. One of the world’s most controversial faces – George Soros. For some, a man of history, a financial guru and a successful investor, a billionaire who is capable of moving the markets. George Soros had threatened to remove PM Modi from power. Soros created an ecosystem against Modi which started harming India as well. But now it is PM Modi’s turn to take revenge. For the first time, PM Modi attacked this dangerous ecosystem in anger.

In fact, Hungarian-born American businessman George Soros wants the world to run as he says. Soros wants to become so powerful that he can break any country. Soros is running this dangerous conspiracy against India. Soros’s NGO named Open Society Foundation is trying to break India. This NGO of Soros has created a toxic ecosystem in India. Through his network of NGOs, George Soros has developed a class of intellectuals who work towards opposing the Indian state, especially the nationalist government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from funding the media, the Open Society Foundation has also been helpful to left-leaning intellectuals who have constantly made statements against the current government.

In 2016, the Open Society Foundation was put on the watch list by the Indian government, a major setback for it. After which it became clear that it could not fund any organization directly. As a result, since 2016, OSF needs prior approval from the Home Ministry to send money to FCRA registered organizations in India. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar himself has called George Soros dangerous. Now PM Modi has attacked Soros and the ecosystem. He said in Parliament that I warn this ecosystem. I want to tell the ecosystem that is stopping the country’s development journey and derailing its progress that its every conspiracy will now be answered in its own language. Our country will never accept anti-national conspiracies.

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