Mother fulfilled her dream by making her daughter a player, Rhythm Sangwan will now represent India in Paris

India’s talented shooter Riddham Sangwan has succeeded in qualifying for the Paris Olympics in the 25 meter air pistol event. She achieved this feat by winning the bronze medal in the 25 meter sports pistol in the Asia Olympic Qualifier. 20-year-old Riddham, who hails from Haryana, was part of the team that won gold in the Hangzhou Asian Games last year. Riddham Sangwan was so adamant to use her father’s service revolver in her childhood that today she has become an international level shooter and is bringing glory to the country.

There is an interesting story behind the golden success of Riddham, who is an accurate shooter. Riddham is a student of Class 10th at Delhi Public School, Sector 19. Her father Narendra Sangwan is an officer in the Haryana Police and is currently posted as DSP in Hisar. In her childhood, Riddham used to insist on using her father’s service revolver. To fulfill her insistence, her father bought her a toy pistol. When Riddham grew a little, she started insisting on using a real pistol. Since everyone in Riddham’s maternal grandparents’ house loved shooting, she got inspired to take up this sport. Then her father handed her a real air pistol.

A few years ago, Riddham started going to the shooting range formally and never looked back. Today, Narendra Sangwan’s drawing room is decorated with trophies won by his daughter. There is no count of gold, silver and bronze medals. Had to work hard to find a coach: It is said that without a Guru, a disciple’s sadhana remains incomplete. Similarly, unless there is guidance from a coach, without the knowledge of right and wrong, a player’s talent cannot be honed properly. Something similar happened with Riddham in the beginning. Some time ago, to start shooting, her father had to work hard to find a coach. He was not able to find a coach who could teach Riddham the nuances of shooting. Who could make her an expert in the game.

One day Narendra Sangwan saw his colleague police station in-charge Vineet practicing at the shooting range and asked him to teach Riddham the tricks of shooting. Rhythm gained a good hold on shooting in a short time. She has broken two records so far. About this she says that she broke a 29-year-old record in the senior shooting championship in Baku. She has also broken a 32-year-old world record in the junior category. Both these records are in her name. She says that if one works hard for even 2 hours a day then the game becomes good. Success is achieved. One has to work hard for 6-7 years in the game. Rhythm Sangwan says ‘My mother was also a good player during school days.

However, she could not play further. She fulfilled her deficiency in me and made me a good player.’ Rhythm also pays a lot of attention to her studies. Recalling the board exams, she says that during the 12th class exams, her mother had said that she should score so many marks that she can just pass. But she worked hard in the exams and passed with 95% marks. She says that she maintains a balance between studies and sports.

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