MS Dhoni’s company will make electric bicycles, Giga factory will be built

Now an electric bicycle factory is going to be set up near Pune, Maharashtra. Electric bicycle manufacturing company eMotorrad has decided to build India’s largest gigafactory. To build this factory, a place has been prepared in Ravet near Pune. The first phase of this factory is going to be completed soon. The specialty of this company is that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also associated with this company.

MS Dhoni is an investor

Former Indian team captain and cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested in electric bicycle manufacturing company Emotorad only last month. Till now it is not known how much amount Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested in the company. No information regarding this investment has been shared yet by the company or MS Dhoni.

Operations will start from August 15

According to the information, A Motorized will be installed in the manufacturing plant located in Rawat. This plant will be spread over 2 lakh 40000 square feet. It is likely that the operation of this plant will start from August 15. Regarding Ishant, the company said that after the start of operations, this plant has the capacity to manufacture 5 lakh electric bicycles. The company will also recruit more employees to operate the plant. According to statistics, the company currently has 250 employees. It is believed that in the coming days the company may hire 300 more employees.

Know about the factory located in Pune

Imatored says that a manufacturing plant is being built near Pune. This branch is very big which will be built in four phases. The plant will be built on a large scale, considering which it has been named Gigafactory. According to the company, goods will be allowed to leave from here only after the completion of four phases.

This is the plan of the company

The company will also make spare parts in its own plant. The company plans to manufacture the battery, motor, display and charger itself. In the coming days, the company can launch new e-cycles as well as other products.

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