Mumbai North East BJP candidate Mihir Kotecha targeted the opposition, called Congress a sinking ship.

CricketInFocus’s team has reached Mumbai during her election trip. Where our editor Neeraj Kumar Dubey talked to Mihir Kotecha, BJP candidate from Mumbai North. In the conversation, BJP candidate Kotecha presented his model for the development of the area.

Regarding the crowd gathering on the streets of Mumbai, Mihir Kotecha said that this crowd is only because of the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And the voters have made up their mind to make Modi ji the Prime Minister again. Regarding his candidature, he said that he is a hardworking soldier of the party. As soon as the party ordered him to contest the elections, he immediately entered the field. Kotecha said that if the people of the area repose confidence in him, he will definitely reach Delhi.

Putting forward his development model, he said that one of his priorities is to open Mulund Terminus and the first train that will leave from there will be Konkan Express. The second is to close the two big dumping grounds here. Natyagriha Sabha Grahan is to be established in Bhandup and Vikhroli. So that those who want to connect with our culture do not have to go very far. Apart from this, developing the settlements of Ghatkupar is one of his priorities.

On the redevelopment of Dharavi, he said that out of the plots sought at different places in Mumbai, one of them was also sought in his area. Comparing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to Kapil Sharma, he said that whatever he says. It does not have any special effect on people. The public takes his words as a joke. People start laughing at the mention of Rahul Gandhi’s name. Regarding the opposition, Kotecha claimed that they do not have any development issue. They are trying to win elections only on the strength of sympathy. Due to which the public will not be affected and they will vote for BJP only on the issue of development.

Regarding Uddhav Thackeray, the BJP candidate said that Uddhav has started attending Iftar and he has long ago taken off the saffron robe and worn green robe. He also said that Congress is a sinking ship. Leaving this, everyone runs away and gets influenced by Modi ji and joins the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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