Neeraj Chopra inspires Indian athletes to do their best: Sumariwala

Mumbai. Athletics Federation of India president Adil Sumariwala said here on Tuesday that Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra is a “calm player” who never lets the pressure get to him and inspires other Indian athletes to perform their best. Neeraj is also the reigning world champion in men’s javelin throw. He will once again be the centre of attraction at the Paris Olympics later this month. Sumariwala said about India’s superstar athlete in a panel discussion organised by the Sports Journalists Association of Mumbai, “On one side there is Neeraj Neeraj and on the other side there are everyone else (athletes). As far as Neeraj is concerned, he is very calm and focused.

He said, “He is one of those who does not let pressure get to him. He neither thinks about the past nor worries much about the future. He thinks about the present moment and that is his strongest side. If you ask him, ‘Are you afraid?’ he will say, ‘Darr to sabko lagta hai’ but ‘Tension nahi lena chahiye’.” Sumariwala said, “I always talk to these players in the warm-up area before going to the competition. He says ‘There is no tension, you don’t take tension, I will do it.'”

The AFI president is hopeful that Neeraj will win a gold medal in the Paris Olympics as well. He said, “Can I predict that he will win another gold? (It is) very difficult to do so. His strength is his consistency. Today there are at least four-five players in the world who throw more than 90 meters which Neeraj has never done.” He said that Neeraj’s biggest strength, however, is to absorb pressure. He does not let the pressure dominate him in big matches, so he wins medals even with a throw of 87-88 meters. Sumariwala said that India’s performance in the Paris Olympics will be better than before but he refused to predict how many medals the country will win.

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