Neither oxygen was available nor ambulance came… Akhilesh made a big allegation on Yogi government regarding Hathras incident, Priyanka also lashed out

Samajwadi Party and Kannauj MP Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday blamed the BJP government for the stampede at a satsang in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. The SP leader said that this is not the first incident where negligence has been seen. He said that the government and the administration know that whenever such programs take place, a large number of people come. The government had the information but despite that, necessary arrangements were not made. The government is responsible for the lives lost due to negligence. Lives could have been saved but the government could not arrange for ambulances and vehicles. The injured who reached the hospital for treatment did not get adequate treatment. Neither medicines nor oxygen were provided. There was no arrangement to save people. The BJP government is responsible for all this.

Akhilesh Yadav said that the BJP government talks about becoming Vishwa Guru in the world. It makes big claims that India has become the fifth largest economy in the world, it is going to become the third economy but the truth is that this government cannot provide proper treatment to the people in an emergency. He said that it cannot provide any facility to the people. The BJP government has ruined the entire system. What kind of economy is this where there is no hospital, no medicine, no treatment and no oxygen. All the claims of the BJP government are false. There is nothing but lies and loot in this government. Corruption is at its peak. There is corruption in every department and everywhere.

He said that if permission was given for 50 thousand people, was the administration sleeping? Why did they let people go, where was the barricading? Where were the arrangements to stop them? Lives were lost because of the government, oxygen was not available because of the government, ambulance did not come. The SP leader further said that this accident is very painful. This is the negligence of the entire government and administration, the government did not make the arrangements that it should have made. The government is responsible for the lives lost due to this negligence, many lives could have been saved.

At the same time, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that there was three times more crowd than the permitted number, no administration on the spot, no crowd management arrangements, no way to avoid the scorching heat, no medical team, no ambulance after the incident, no force for help, no doctors and facilities in the hospital… such a long list of negligence but no one is accountable. Who is responsible for the tragic incident that happened in Hathras? She said that hundreds of people die sometimes due to bridge collapse, sometimes due to train accident, sometimes due to stampede. Instead of whitewashing, it is the responsibility of the government to take action and prepare a plan to prevent such accidents. But accountability is not fixed and such accidents keep happening. This is a very sad situation.

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