News of ICICI Bank MD and CEO leaving the post, the bank denied the rumour.

Big news is coming out about ICICI Bank, the second largest private sector bank. The news of termination of services of ICICI Bank MD and CEO Sandeep Bakshi is gaining momentum these days. Such rumors regarding the bank have been going on continuously for the last few days. Meanwhile, ICICI Bank has now responded to the news of the resignation of its MD and CEO Sandeep Bakshi.

The bank has denied the news of Sandeep Bakshi’s resignation. According to the bank, this news is fabricated and completely false. The bank has also said that this rumor is being spread with the aim of depressing the bank’s shares and causing loss to the shareholders.

The bank distanced itself from the rumour.

ICICI Bank has filed regulatory filings with the stock exchange. According to this, the news of the CEO leaving the bank is completely baseless. It was said in the report that due to the CEO leaving ICICI Bank, there is a lot of turmoil in the bank. However, now the bank has also issued its statement denying this report. The bank has said that as per the information given in the article, the MD of ICICI Bank wants to leave his post due to privatization. The information given in the report is completely incorrect and the Bank refutes this information.

ICICI Bank says that this information is completely imaginary, baseless and misleading. According to the Bank, it seems that this rumor has been spread with malicious intent to achieve some ulterior motive and to harm the interests of the Bank and its shareholders. After these rumours, the bank has also given this information to New York Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Japan Securities Dealers Association and Six Swiss Exchange Limited so that there is no negative impact on the bank’s shares and investors.

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