Not IPC, CrPC, three new laws have come into force in the country from today, know about them in detail

In India, 3 new criminal laws have come into force from 12:00 midnight on 1 July. The 51-year-old CRPC has been replaced by the Indian Civil Protection Code. The Indian Penal Code has been replaced by the Indian Justice Act. The provisions of the Indian Witness Act will now be applicable in place of the Indian Evidence Act. There is a provision for more punishment than before in most of the crimes related to women. There will now be a facility to register FIR through electronic information as well.

– The new law will not have any effect on the cases registered before July 1. These cases will be investigated under the old law.

– Under the new law, the case will be registered again from July 1 and action will be taken accordingly from investigation to trial.

– There are a total of 531 sections in BSS. It has 177 provisions which have been amended. Its 14 sections have been removed. 9 sections and 39 sub-sections have been added to it. There used to be a total of 484 sections in CrPC.

– There are a total of 3:57 sections in the Indian Judicial Code whereas there used to be 511 sections in IPC.

– A total of 170 sections have been included in the Indian Evidence Act. The old sections have not been included in the new law while two new sections and 6 new sub-sections have been included. Earlier, there were a total of 167 sections in the Indian Evidence Act.

– The new law focuses on audio-video evidence. Audio and video evidence will also be given importance in forensic investigation.

– Citizens will now get the facility to register a Zero FIR. The case will be sent to the concerned police station for investigation. Zero FIR is related to such crimes in which the punishment can be from 3 years to 7 years. However, for this, investigation will also be done by the forensic team.

– FIR can be registered through electronic information also. Police can also be informed through voice recording. After giving the FIR, it will be necessary to go to the police station within 3 days and sign the copy of the FIR.

– Then the charge sheet will have to be filed within 90 days.

– It will be necessary to give the judgement within 30 days of the completion of the hearing of the case. A copy of the judgement will also have to be provided within 7 days of the judgement.

– If a person is taken into police custody, then his family must be informed about it in writing. The family must be informed both offline and online.

– Crimes against women and children have been covered under a total of 36 sections in the BS. In case of rape, a case will be registered under section 63. Section 64 provides for a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

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