Only “Almighty God” can take me out of the presidential election race: Biden

Joe Biden took responsibility for his poor performance in the first presidential debate with Donald Trump, saying on Friday that he was “tired and sick” before the debate.

US President Biden also said that only “Almighty God” can take him out of the presidential election race to be held on November 5. Biden (81) said this in an interview to a television channel.

Biden’s popularity rating has fallen after his poor performance in the debate with former President Trump on June 27 in Atlanta as part of the presidential election process, after which some leaders of his own party had urged him to drop out of the presidential election race.

Biden, who is contesting the election with the aim of becoming the President for the second time, accused Trump of being a “habitual liar”. Biden, during an interview with ABC News, said about his poor performance in his first presidential debate, “It was a bad episode. There was no sign of any serious situation. I was tired. I did not listen to my mind during preparation and it was just a bad night.”

This was his first interview with a television channel after the debate. He said, I was ill. The doctor was with me. I asked him if he had tested me for COVID-19. He was trying to find out what was the reason for my illness. He tested me for COVID but I was not infected. I just had a cold.

Biden said that his poor performance in the debate was no one else’s fault but mine. Biden said that no prominent leader of the Democratic Party has asked him to withdraw from the election. He said that he will withdraw from the presidential election race only when the Almighty God tells him to do so.

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