PM Modi-Putin meeting: Russia agrees to dismiss all Indians recruited in its army

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Moscow. During this visit, many issues were discussed between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin. In this discussion, Russia has agreed to dismiss all Indian citizens working in its army. This information has been shared by news agency ANI quoting anonymous sources.

At least two Indian citizens have lost their lives fighting in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many others trapped in the war zone allege that they were deceitfully forced to join the war. Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue at a private dinner hosted by Vladimir Putin on Monday night, sources said. In response, Russia agreed to deport all Indians serving in its army and assist in their return.

Reuters reported that a top Indian official told the news agency last week that correcting India’s trade imbalance with Russia and ensuring the release of Indian nationals “misled” to fight in the Ukraine war would be among Modi’s top priorities in Moscow. Regarding the recruitment of Indians in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, sources said India would raise the issue in the strongest terms, news agency PTI had earlier reported. “We want the Indians fighting in the Ukrainian conflict to be released by the Russian forces at the earliest,” news agency PTI quoted the source as saying.

While several reports have suggested that more than 200 Indian nationals were recruited by the Russian military to work as support staff, such as cooks and helpers, the people cited above said the number could be around 100. However, the people said it has been difficult for Indian authorities to establish contact with Indian nationals believed to be serving on the front lines due to the frequent movement of military units and lack of proper communication.

The Ministry of External Affairs had earlier urged Indian citizens to “exercise caution while seeking employment opportunities in Russia”. Many Indian nationals have been duped by recruitment agents based in Indian cities and Dubai in the name of getting jobs in the Russian army. Apart from four deaths, many Indians have also been injured. Indians have posted videos on social media seeking help to get out of such jobs. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has recently busted a human trafficking network spread across several states, which used to trap na├»ve youths through social media channels and agents by promising them high-paying jobs in Russia.

A video that went viral earlier this year showed some men from Punjab and Haryana – dressed in army uniforms – claiming that they were duped into fighting in Ukraine and pleading for help. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold talks with President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. Putin arrived in Moscow a day earlier amid global criticism of Russian attacks in Ukraine. Modi, who is visiting Moscow for the first time since Russia launched its operation in Ukraine in February 2022, will try to nurture New Delhi’s long-standing ties with Moscow.

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