PM Modi spoke in Lok Sabha on NEET controversy, those who play with the future of youth will not be spared at all

Amid the uproar over NEET, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the Lok Sabha today that arrests are being made in this case. Modi said that the President has also expressed concern over the paper leak in her address. He said that I will also tell every student, every youth that the government is very serious about preventing such incidents. We are taking one step after another to fulfill our responsibilities on a war footing, those who play with the future of the youth will not be spared at all.

The Prime Minister said that arrests are already being made across the country in the NEET case. The government has already made a strict law regarding paper leak. Steps are being taken to strengthen the examination. He said that Congress can never see the Indian Army becoming strong. During Nehru’s rule, the Indian Army was very weak. He did the ‘Jeep scam’, ‘Bofors scam’, these scams hampered the strength of the army. He said that today Congress is spreading lies. They are conspiring to weaken the efforts of defense reform. In fact, the people of Congress can never see the Indian forces becoming strong.

He said that it was a befitting reply. We are making reforms to prepare our soldiers for war. Many things have changed in the last few years. The integration of the forces has become stronger after the CDS designation came. He said that who does not know how weak the forces of the country were during Nehru ji’s time. Congress has weakened the forces of the country by committing scams worth lakhs of crores. Modi alleged that they have created a tradition of corruption since the country became independent.

He said that whether it is the Jeep scam, submarine scam, Bofors scam, all these scams have prevented the strength of the army from increasing. There was a time when in the Congress era our army did not even have bulletproof jackets. While in power, the army was weakened, even after going into the opposition, there were continuous efforts to weaken the army. Modi said that when the Congress was in power, it did not procure fighter jets and when we tried, the Congress resorted to all kinds of conspiracies. Every kind of conspiracy was hatched to ensure that fighter jets did not reach the Air Force.

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