PM Narendra Modi addressed the public in Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh, targeted the SP-Congress alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge public gathering in Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. He accused the SP-Congress of turning Purvanchal into a mafia area. PM Modi said, ‘This land of Purvanchal is the land of valour and revolution. This is the area where there is the courage of Mangal Pandey, the valour of Maharaja Suheldev and the vocal voice of late Chandrashekhar ji. In such a situation, the importance of this election for Purvanchal is double.’

Taking aim at the alliance of SP and Congress, PM Modi said, ‘The SP-Congress family, their nepotism had made Purvanchal a mafia area. It had made it a region of deprivation, poverty and helplessness, but for the last 10 years, Purvanchal has been electing the country’s Prime Minister. For 7 years, Purvanchal has been electing the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and that is why Purvanchal is the most special. Ghosi, Ballia and Salempur are not just electing MPs, but the country’s PM.’

He further said that Samajwadi Party has always kept Purvanchal backward under a conspiracy, Purvanchal will punish such people again and again. Those people of Indi alliance, who betrayed this region, who set your houses on fire, who captured your lands, who gave strength to the rioters here, who shed tears for the mafia, such people will not be allowed to set foot in Purvanchal now. Those of Indi alliance want to make the majority community of India second class citizens.

PM Modi told the first time voters of Uttar Pradesh, ‘The first time voters here may not remember the 2012 manifesto of SP. In 2012, SP has clearly written in its manifesto that just like Baba Saheb Ambedkar gave reservation to Dalits, the same reservation will be given to Muslims. This is against the spirit of the Constitution, but the people of Indi do not care about it.’

PM Modi further said, ‘During elections, they (Indi alliance) pretend to visit temples, but when after 500 years, such a big moment of our civilization, our faith came, they started abusing Ram Mandir, started finding faults in it. These people were very angry with the construction of Ram Mandir. These people are continuously putting pressure that just like Shah Bano’s decision was overturned, similarly the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram Mandir should be overturned.’

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