Prajatantra: Will BJP do wonders in Bengal, why is PM Modi claiming a one-sided fight?

Lok Sabha elections have reached their last phase. From a political point of view, West Bengal is a very important state. There are 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal where BJP and Trinamool Congress are face to face. However, Congress and Left parties are also dominating some seats. But somewhere BJP is expecting a lot from West Bengal in this election. This is the reason why many BJP leaders are calling the election battle in West Bengal one-sided and are claiming that the party will win around 30 seats. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself confirmed this. But the big question is how much BJP will be able to do in West Bengal?

Modi’s belief

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the TMC party is fighting for its existence in the Bengal elections. In the last assembly elections, we were 3 and the people of Bengal brought us to 80 (seats), in the last Lok Sabha elections we got a huge majority. This time West Bengal is going to be the best performing state in India. He said that BJP is getting the most success in West Bengal. The election of West Bengal is one-sided, people are leading it and because of that the people sitting in the government, the people of TMC are frustrated. He said that BJP workers are being put in jails before the elections. Despite all these atrocities, more people are voting and the number of votes is also increasing.

Mamata’s side

Calling Modi a “caretaker prime minister”, Mamata Banerjee said the BJP will not return to power for a third time and the All India Alliance will form the government at the Centre. “Modiji has every right to campaign. He has every right to come here and hold election rallies. But I am surprised to see that he is being called the prime minister in his party’s (BJP) election advertisements,” Mamata said. The Trinamool chief accused the BJP of creating divisions among communities to garner votes and called it a “dangerous game”. “I love people of all communities. I love Marwaris, Biharis and others, who together form the beautiful fabric of West Bengal,” she said. Targeting the BJP, Mamata Banerjee said its (BJP’s) aspiration to oust the democratically elected Trinamool Congress (TMC) government after the Lok Sabha elections will remain unfulfilled.

Why the confidence in victory?

BJP has fought this election in West Bengal on the issue of state identity. Efforts have been made to woo women. Efforts have been made to give a political colour to the Sandeshkhali incident. Apart from this, BJP is confident that the people of the state are now seen to be angry with Mamata Banerjee. BJP believes that the local residents are angry due to illegal infiltration in the state. Apart from this, efforts have also been made by the party to polarize the state. The party has repeatedly said that CAA has been implemented, which can benefit many communities living in Bengal. BJP has also put its full strength in Bengal. In the 2019 elections, BJP won 18 seats in West Bengal. This time the party claims that these figures will increase.

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