Prayers are being offered for India-Pakistan alliance, PM Modi attacks Samajwadi Party and Congress in Uttar Pradesh

Deoria. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the opposition parties’ alliance ‘India’ and alleged that prayers are being offered for Samajwadi Party (SP) and Congress in Pakistan and ‘Jihadis’ are supporting them from across the border. Modi was addressing an election rally in Rudrapur of Deoria district on Sunday in support of BJP candidate from Bansgaon parliamentary constituency Kamlesh Paswan and party candidate from Deoria parliamentary constituency Shashank Mani Tripathi. Claiming a landslide victory for the BJP-led NDA alliance, Modi said, ‘There are some forces who are feeling pain due to India’s progress. These people are dreaming different dreams about June 4.’ He alleged that prayers are being offered for the SP, Congress ‘Indi’ (India) alliance in Pakistan. Jihadis are supporting them from across the border.

Without taking any names, Modi, while referring to the appeal for ‘vote jihad’ made by the niece of senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid in a rally in Farrukhabad, said, “Here SP and Congress are appealing for ‘vote jihad’. Their issue is not the development of the country, they want to take India back several decades.” He claimed, “Their (India Alliance) group is saying that if they come to power, they will re-impose Article 370 in Kashmir. They will repeal the CAA law which gives citizenship again to the victims of partition. Whose agenda is this? This is what anti-India forces want.”

Accusing the Congress of always playing with the security of the country, the Prime Minister said, ‘Our country makes Brahmos missile and the day is not far when Brahmos missile will be made in Uttar Pradesh, the fear of which will spread far and wide.’ Modi said, ‘There is demand for it in many countries of the world but Congress did not like this either. Many countries of the world wanted to buy Brahmos but the Congress government created hurdles because the ‘Indi’ (India) people want that India neither becomes self-reliant in the defense sector nor does it want India to have the capability to export weapons.’ He alleged that the parties involved in the ‘India’ alliance want to take commission in arms deals and want to commit scams. The Prime Minister also mentioned the Augusta Westland helicopter scam.

Modi said, ‘Today we are moving ahead strongly towards self-reliant India in the defence sector. Earlier, the Prime Minister claimed that the sixth phase of voting has ended. The sixth phase has defeated the ‘Indy’ (India) alliance.’ He said, ‘Now in the seventh phase, Purvanchal will attack the ‘Indy’ (India alliance) people and the one who is attacked by Purvanchal falls out of the field.’

Referring to the counting day, the Prime Minister said that the date of June 4, 2024 is going to decide the future of India and on that day the country will spread its wings for a new flight for which crores of people are waiting for June 4. Modi said, ‘Three crore poor people will get a permanent house in the coming days, they are waiting for June 4. Elderly people above 70 years of age who will get free treatment of Rs 5 lakh, are waiting for June 4. Crores of youth will get help from Mudra Yojana, they are waiting for June 4. Three crore sisters are waiting for June 4 to become Lakhpati Didi.’

Modi said, ‘The country knows that from June 4, the countdown to India becoming the world’s third economy will begin. Every Indian will get opportunities to move forward. Modi said, India’s Mangal Yatra will have a new beginning with the blessings of Hanuman ji on Budhwa Mangal on June 4. Voting will be held on June 1 in the seventh phase in Bansgaon and Deoria Lok Sabha constituencies.’

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