Preparation to fill lotus on Kolkata Dakshin Loksabha seat, only corruption has developed in Bengal.


Women workers of Bharatiya Janata Party said that the blindfold has been removed from the eyes of the people in Bengal and hence they are no longer being misled by the state government. The women said that people of all religions are together preparing to bloom in Bengal in this election.

CricketInFocus’s team reached West Bengal during the election tour. Where our editor Neeraj Kumar Dubey has talked to BJP workers in Kolkata South Lok Sabha seat.

Women workers of the party said that now the voters are not being misled by the state government because the blindfold has been removed from their eyes. Therefore, BJP will definitely win Kolkata South Lok Sabha seat. The women said that people of all religions are preparing to bloom lotus in Bengal. He said that our expectations are definitely from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party will register a big victory in the state. Another woman activist said that the current MP remains missing from the area. Apart from this, their presence in the Parliament is also very less. Therefore, the public has made preparations to remove him and feed him lotus.

Another party worker said that instead of development of people and general public, corruption has grown in Bengal. Regarding the pitiful condition of women in Bengal, party workers said that this time the lotus will definitely bloom in the state and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will solve our problems. On the Women’s Reservation Bill, women said that it shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolve towards women. Because the Prime Minister believes that women should not be under any protection but they themselves should be under the protection of someone else.

Women protested against the state government and said that schemes like Ayushman, Annapurna Bhandar, Drone Didi are not implemented in the state because of the Bengal government. Whereas in other parts of the country the general public is taking advantage of these schemes. He said that now instead of Mamta Didi’s Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme, Modi’s guarantee is running in Bengal. On the Sandeshkhali issue, the women said that Mamta didi goes to the Supreme Court to save the accused whereas everyone in the country knows that Shahjahan has harassed women. He is the main criminal in this case, hence Sandeshkhali’s case is not fake. Party workers said that the behavior of the state government towards the Bengal Governor is also indecent. He said that Trinamool Congress leaders always try to call real issues fake, which will have no impact on the people of the state.

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