Prime Minister Modi did not mention the issues of the public in ‘Mann Ki Baat’: Pawan Khera

New Delhi. Congress leader Pawan Khera on Sunday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not mention the issues that people wanted to hear about in his radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Taking a dig at the Prime Minister after he addressed the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program for the first time in his third term, Kheda, the Congress’ media and publicity chief, questioned why he did not mention NEET, train accidents or “collapse of infrastructure”. Kheda said that even though this is Modi’s third term, it is not on his own strength. Kheda said, “The government is walking on crutches. We thought that this time he would say something sensible.”

Kheda said, “He (Modi) did not say anything about NEET, railway accident or the incidents of infrastructure collapse that we are hearing about every day.” Kheda said, “He did not say anything on the serious incident at Delhi airport, in which a person lost his life.” He alleged that the Prime Minister did not say anything on any issue related to the people. He alleged, “The Prime Minister did not talk about any issue related to the interest of the people. His way has been to change the agenda, because everyone is talking about NEET, scams, so to divert attention you are talking about bringing umbrellas from Kerala….”

He said, “During elections you were pitting north against south… do you think people will forget? What you say during campaign is the truth, what you are doing now is propaganda.” In his first ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme after taking charge of the country for the third time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that people have expressed their unwavering faith in the country’s constitution and democratic process in the world’s largest election. 65 crore people exercised their franchise in these elections.

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