R Praggnanandhaa created history in classical chess, defeated world number-1 Carlsen

Indian Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa has created history by defeating world champion Magrus Carlsen in classical chess. Praggnanandhaa registered this victory on 29 May in the Norway Chess Tournament 2024, which is being held in Stavanger, Norway.

18-year-old Praggnanandhaa has defeated world champion Magrus Carlsen in his own home. Playing with white pieces, the Indian star defeated last year’s FIDE World Cup winner Carlsen in a close contest. With this, the Indian Grandmaster has taken a sole lead in the open section of the tournament.

Classical chess is also known as slow chess and in this the player gets enough time to make moves and usually a player has at least an hour of time. The last three games between Carlsen and Praggnanandhaa in this format were draws. Praggnanandhaa’s sister R Vaishali is also leading in the women’s category. She also has 5.5 points.

Hikaru Nakamura of the United States won the Armageddon (Sudden Death) game after drawing the classical game against Alireza Firouzja of France and got one and a half points. Nakamura is third in the points table and will face Praggnanandhaa in the fourth round.

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