Rambabu’s life has been full of struggle from working as a labourer to being a waiter, now he will represent India in Paris

Rambabu, who won a bronze medal in the Asian Games last year, has qualified for the Paris Olympics in the 20 km race walk. Where he will try his best to increase India’s medal tally with his hard work. This moment is very important for Rambabu. This is the result of his hard work which he continued despite all the bad conditions. Babu, who won a bronze medal in the 35 km race walk mixed team at the Asian Games, worked as a waiter to run his athletics training and during the Covid-19 lockdown, along with his father, helped in road construction under the MNREGA scheme.

Rambabu’s father Chhotelal is a landless labourer and supports his family by working as a labourer. Rambabu and his family had to struggle for food during the Covid lockdown of 2020. At that time, a video of him went viral on social media. He worked digging a pond for one and a half months during the difficult circumstances of the lockdown. Before working as a labourer, he used to work as a waiter. Apart from this, he also worked for about 4 months sewing sacks in a courier packaging company. Army Havildar recruiter Rambabu said that I never learned to bow down in front of struggle.

He always broke all barriers with truth and hard work. In 2014 I realized that arranging healthy food for a marathon is not easy because nutritious diet requires money and he did not have that much money. To arrange money, Rambabu worked as a waiter in Banaras. Seeing their son’s passion for athletics, his parents used to work hard as labourers and send him money. At that time it was difficult to even get two meals a day. Working as a waiter in a hotel was affecting Ram Babu’s training. After this Ram Babu changed many jobs, but he says, if you work hard then even success will be forced to bow down to you.

This resulted in Rambabu being selected by Northern Coal Fields Limited for an athletics camp. The coach then started training him to switch from marathon running to race walk. In February 2021, he won a silver medal in the 50km race walk at the National Race Walk Championships and with the help of coach Basant Rana, paved the way for his admission to the Army Sports Institute in Pune. After World Athletics decided to drop the 50km event from its programme, Babu competed in the 35km event and won a gold medal at the National Open Championships in September 2021 and was called to the national camp in Bengaluru a few months later.

After winning the gold medal in the 35 km race in the National Games last year with a national record time, Babu got a job in the army and now he is a havildar. However, all this was not easy, race walk was difficult for Ram Babu. After winning the gold medal in the National Open Athletics Championship, Ram Babu was selected for the World Athletics Championship. Good performance in the trials did not help. During this, he suffered a hamstring injury in the World Athletics Championship. The hamstring injury was serious for Ram Babu. Still, he did not give up. After this, he broke the national record in 35 km walk and won a bronze medal in the Asian Games.

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