Ration shops equipped with e-POS will be regularly monitored through software

Lucknow. The Yogi government is going to speed up the rollout process of e-POS devices in all ration shops of the state. On the instructions of the Yogi government, the Food and Civil Supplies Department has entrusted the responsibility of developing software for its monitoring to Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation Limited (UPDESCO). In this sequence, the process of appointing an agency has been started by UPDESCO, which will ensure the process of equipping all ration shops of the state with e-POS machines as well as its automation and regular monitoring.

E-POS machines with EWS will be installed in ration shops

According to the plan of the Yogi government, the process of automation of ration shops to be completed will gain momentum after UPDESCO determines the agency. Starting the process, UPDESCO has sought applications from empanelled agencies. It is worth mentioning that the agency to which this work will be allotted will not only have to ensure that electronic point of sale (e-POS) devices are installed in all the ration shops of the state, but the framework for its operation, maintenance and regular monitoring will also be ensured by the agency. The e-POS devices which are being installed in the ration shops will be based on electronic weighing scale (EWS).

Regular monitoring will be ensured through software development

After the installation and automation of e-POS devices in all the ration shops of the state, a specific software will also be developed for their regular monitoring. To ensure this regular monitoring, along with the development of the POS application, a proper framework and training process will also be completed for the Food and Civil Supplies Department. It is worth mentioning that there are 79,500 fair price shops in the state which benefit 3.59 crore families. Through these, ration card holders are benefited every month through Antyodaya Anna Yojana. About 80 lakh quintals of food items reach the ration card holder beneficiaries every month through these ration shops. This is the reason that the Yogi government is accelerating the implementation of this process with the intention of protecting the beneficiaries from adulteration and black marketing and benefiting them with complete transparency.

The monitoring process will be completed in two phases

The process of installation and automation of e-POS machines as well as software development will be completed in two phases. Phase one will monitor the implementation of e-POS devices of all EWS in the state. After this, the project management process for automation of e-POS devices of ration shops will be completed in the second phase. To ensure the success of this initiative, SLA monitoring and reporting of the system integrator will be ensured in all ration shops in both urban and rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. The status of implementation of various processes will be monitored by preparing progress reports along with analysis of Management Information Systems (MIS) reports from time to time.

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