Shaurya Path: Discussion on issues related to Rafah, China-Taiwan, India Defence Export and Russia-Ukraine

In CricketInFocus’s special program Shauryapath, we discussed the current situation in the world with Brigadier DS Tripathi. We asked Tripathi Sir a question on Israel’s continuous attack on Rafah. Along with this, we wanted to know what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants? Along with this, we also asked Brigadier Tripathi questions related to the Russia-Ukraine war. What is the current situation of this war and what will be Russia’s future policy? We asked Brigadier Tripathi questions about China’s expansionist policy and wanted to know what is the meaning of China’s war exercises around Taiwan? At the same time, questions related to self-reliant India were also the subject of our discussion.

1- Despite the order of the International Court of Justice and the opposition of many countries, Israel continues its attack in Rafah. Some European countries are also going to recognize Palestine. How do you view them?

– In response to this question, Brigadier Tripathi said that Israel is moving ahead to completely destroy Hamas. But so far it has not been successful in this. Israel claims that Hamas fighters may be hiding in Rafah. But it does not have any concrete evidence. But somewhere the situation in Rafah seems to be deteriorating completely. It is a human tragedy. The world is watching it. So far around 38000 common people have been killed. More than 80000 people have been injured. Everyone is trying to stop Israel. But it is not ready to agree. Brigadier Tripathi said that Hamas has neither been scared nor killed so far. Hamas is trying to regroup itself. He said that Netanyahu is not taking back his steps due to ego. America is also asking what is your plan regarding Rafah? Brigadier Tripathi said that the Court of Justice is also seen getting strict now. It is talking about stopping it. The human tragedy has saddened everyone. But Israel is saying that it has full right to self-defense and it is using it. Regarding the recognition of Palestine by some European countries, Brigadier Tripathi said that America and England are opposing it. Israel is also saying that whoever is supporting Palestine is trying to promote terrorism. Tripathi said that the current situation in Israel and Hamas is ruining the future of children. On many occasions, Israel has also refused to kill as per the court’s order.

2- Some weapons, rockets and missiles given by America and European countries have been rendered inactive by Russia through electronic warfare and jamming. What is its effect?

– In response to this question, Brigadier Tripathi said that Russia’s complete focus is on Kharkiv. Russia is also continuously moving towards it. Russia is completely bombing while Ukraine seems helpless. He said that the President of Ukraine is asking for help from here and there. Ukraine’s army seems completely weak. Europe also now feels that if we directly get into this war, then it will not spare us either. Russia’s aggressive attitude continues. Russia is engaged in its operation. Whereas Ukraine does not see any option. Ukraine has neither manpower nor weapons. While Russia is moving ahead with complete planning. On the other hand, Ukraine is dependent on others.

3- China has carried out a three-day aggressive war exercise near Taiwan. What message has China tried to give through this?

– Brigadier Tripathi said that China’s expansionist policy continues. We keep seeing evidence of this. He said that many countries of the world are following the principle of One China. This includes America as well. However, America has been constantly saying that it will always stand with Taiwan. The dispute had increased after Nancy Policy’s visit. China is constantly saying that America should not interfere in the matter of Taiwan. But America is insisting on standing with Taiwan. Taiwan has been constantly calling itself a democratic country while China does not like it. He said that the meaning of this war exercise is clear that China is trying to show its strength. It will continue to do such things in the future as well. In the past too, it has done many war exercises. Brigadier Tripathi said that China is also trying to do reconnaissance through this. There is also an attempt to encircle from its side. He said that China is doing this to provoke.

4. Indian company Munitions India has recently exported around 1 lakh 155 mini gun ammunition. Do you see this as a big achievement?

– He said that this is good news for India. Our country is moving towards self-reliant India. What more do we need. The more we move forward in the field of defense export, the stronger our military power will be. He said that it is needed everywhere. Its demand has increased everywhere. It is used a lot. Making it is a big deal in itself. It is highly explosive. We are constantly exporting our weapons to many countries of the world.

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